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Fuz Foz Fiz Faz Fuz Foz Fiz Faz

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This song is freakin' cute! I like it ^^ Works really well!

It's very minimalistic, but that's it's strong point in this case. You've done a good job with making a repetetive melody interesting. You've got the structure nailed as well, by adding instruments and small changes the song stays interesting.

The bridge part at 01:29 is also very nice, and I really like the change you go for at 01:42. From slightly sinister and exciting to light and cheery. Seriously, that contrast makes the 01:42 part so much more bright and uplifting!

I probably don't have anything bad to say about this song, what it strives to achieve it does achieve. So nice work :)

Also, if you have trouble with looping, just send me a PM and I'll probably be able to give you some advice.

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McGorilla42 responds:

Thank you so much for that :) It really means a lot! I was about to go lie on the bed and play Zelda and use the headache I have as an excuse to not do anything productive, but now I feel a little motivated to make more cute songs.

Yeah, the looping thing is an issue...I mean, if it was a super clean track without delays and reverbs etc, it'd be simple, but the effects tend to pop when looping, especially in songs like this :(

Echo Echo

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Alright, there's some things I really enjoy, some things that needs improvement!

First, I want to say that the FXs during the transitions sounds freakin' sweet and is something I highly enjoy. You've done a good job with the drum programming as well as the beat is working well and it got a nice punch. The buildups works really well. Like at 01.12-01:33 it freakin' makes you excited for what's coming next!

But, then the climax at 01:33 dosen't really do it for me. It's probably because you removed a bunch of instruments instead of adding. As you've been building up a lot of tension with the part at 01:12-01:33 and even ended that part with a short silence (which also adds tension), it would make sense to add a freakin' explosion at 01:34! And with that I mean, let that be a energy peak. Let all the instruments that are supposed to be in that part, be in that part.

Don't remove the drums at the climax, add them!

Also, every part of the song works by itself, but it feels like everytime there's a new section the change is too abrupt. So, you need to work on your structure. And I'll reccomend this youtube series for it:

And with that, you've done a good job. Especially as you made it during 8 hours. So you're definetly getting there.

Sci-FiWizard10 responds:

Yeah, every time I look back and listen to the drop, I cringe. I'll check out the link. :)
That's why I tend to not make big drops. I can never make it energetic enough to pay off well... I'll learn.
Thanks for the detailed review! It's hard to find one of those here.
(Btw for the transition sounds I reversed a cymbol sound for the brief buildup and a boosted kick with a phaser cymbol at the payoff.)

Orchestral Bliss Orchestral Bliss

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Cloudy stuff indeed. A really cute track I'd say! :) I like the instrumentation, it fits well, the intro is also very minimal, but works well with the mood.

You seem to be thinking in the right direction with your structure in the song, but it still needs work! It's good that you add stuff to make it more hectic. But I'm kinda missing that tension, release and change in intensity! The change between the first and second act is also a bit too abrupt, there isn't really anything that prepares you for it.

Would reccomend this course to learn a bunch of stuff about this in electronic music.

Lastly, it would be nice with some movement in the sounds. I can especially hear it in the strings. Look into things like velocity, automation and if your strings got different modes of playing (like staccato, Fortpiano, Tremolo etc). Also LFOs if you want to get movement into
your synth-sounds.

Other than that, good work, keep going! :3

JasonConlon responds:

Thank-you for taking the time out to give such a detailed & constructive response. I am genuinely taken aback! Really appreciate the suggestions, and you've given me food for thought to improve certain aspects. I'll check out the link etc!

Here, Cocksucker Here, Cocksucker

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Wow, this song is freakin' strange, fun stuff! The bass in the background is nice, I like the floaty feel of it. But it feels like the rest of the song dosen't really blend in well with it.

The drums sounds a bit too mechanical compared to that guitar. Creates a contrast that isn't so pleasant. Try working with stuff like velocity and humanize. Also, as the guitar gives this song a rather smooth feel, maybe it'd be nice if the drums was smooth as well. They're too snappy.

I'd recommend this thread if you want to get some tips on realistic drum programming:

Otherwise, real drums could work as well!

Also, add some reverb/delay to the vocals, drums and samples as you've been going hard with that on the bass. That'll probably glue things together.

polarpoole responds:

Yeah, I'm not much of a drummer, messing around with sequencers and drum machines is something I'm only starting to do now. That's a really helpful thread tho, thank you very much for sharing. And thank you for the review, I'll work on what you mentioned.

Try Try

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Liking the composition of this one. It's nice! The intro is pleasant especially.

There are some sharp frequencies that hurts my ears though that is most apparent in the shaker (or most high-frequency percussion for that matter) and the riser and maybe a bit in the snare. Have you tried scanning for trouble frequencies in those instruments? You can do it by making a very thin bandpass (use the Q for thinness!). Many people usually reccomends rising the peak if you have trouble hearing where it gets annoying and then just scanning through the EQ till all hell breaks lose! Then you just lower it.

Overall though a nice song! Like the pumpy feel it has going, and that high lead coming in at 03:53 is freakin' nice ^^ Keep it up!

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Raza responds:

Thanks so much! Yah, I know all about digging frequencies and you're right I didn't do it so thanks for pointing that out, I appreciate it. That means I can turn down the main EQ on my master track, I boosted the high end on the master cause that makes a track sizzle sometimes but I didn't hear the garbage peakiness cause my speakers on here suck so I appreciate you telling me.

DJVI - Sound Ward (REMIX) DJVI - Sound Ward (REMIX)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The composition is very nice. It progresses well and new elements are always added, so it stays interesting through the whole thing. The breakdown at 01:32 is also a nice alternative to how the original is made. The remix itself is a bit too similair to the feel of the original though, or well, at least when it comes to the composition. The sounds being the major difference.

I would also peronally enjoy a bit of a more organic sound on the instruments as they sound a bit too motionless for my taste. Maybe try some slow non-synced LFOs (around a couple of seconds) that affects things like volume, filters and/or WT-position (etc..) by a tiny amount so you'll get some movement into the sound.

Other than that, nice job with the mix, it sounds loud and I can hear all the elements well. You're definetly getting there!